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Due to the impact of climate change and global warming in the past decades, people are more and more aware of the issue of environment protection. Besides, overusing chemical fertilizer and extreme weather caused extensive damage to soils, poor harvest and food safety problems. Consequently, people from all over the world consider recycling resources and eco-friendly, innocuous cultivation methods.

To reach the goal of zero wastes and reusing resources, TECHS uses biotechnology to process organic wastes by applying fermentation techniques, and expands the most of circular economy benefits.
Producing well-qualified microorganism fertilizer through biotechnology, it is able to reduce the usage of chemical fertilizer, improve the problems of hardness soil and acid soil, and increase the production and quality of crops.
TECHS Co. follows the spirit of modern agriculture to change the view of traditional agricultural cultivation.



A system solves all the problems

High temperature Microbiological Decomposition System

Organic wastes, like food waste, fruits and vegetable waste and manures, cause problems such as: odor, breeding mosquitoes and flies, pathogens, bird flu cross infection and sanitation. If the problems mentioned above are not able to control, it could not only affect the quality of living standard, but also leads to environment pollution which has great impact on farming and national image.

A system solves all the problems
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